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American Horror Story - Season 7 Episode 10

Kai begins to unravel as he starts to suspect a traitor in his ranks.

Episode: 10/11 eps

Duration: 60 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2011

IMDb: 8.1

Season 7 - American Horror Story
"A married couple struggles with their lives and marriage while clowns terrorize the city."
"Ally, Ivy and Oz meet the new neighbors. Kai runs for city council. Detective Samuels investigates a murder. A blackout terrorizes Ally."
"The community turns on Ally, as she and Ivy are the target of a series of disturbing events; Beverly reports on a serial killer in the area."
"Kai begins recruiting members for his cult; Beverly struggles to stay ahead of a young reporter willing to do anything to become anchor."
"Beverly's journalistic integrity is called into question; Kai plans to broadcast a gruesome murder committed by the cult; Ally's phobias reach a new low."
"Ally takes Meadow to Dr. Rudy to confirm her story about the cult; An unexpected opponent runs against Kai in the city council election."
"Kai begins to solidify his grasp in power; Bebe Babbitt, the former lover of the first female cult leader Valerie Solanas, warns Beverley, Ivy, and Winter about Kai."
"Ally confronts Kai meanwhile Winter must choose between Kai and Beverly when he makes a questionable decision."
"Kai seeks to test the loyalty of his cult. Ally seeks revenge. Oz learns about his parentage."
"Kai begins to unravel as he starts to suspect a traitor in his ranks."
"Kai sets his master plan into motion as Ally's true intentions are revealed."
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