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I Was Prey

Recounting the hauntingly true stories of people who found themselves in a life-or-death situation, face to face with a dangerous animal.

Duration:41 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - I Was Prey
"Andrea Schlake is volunteering at an animal sanctuary when a chimpanzee escapes its enclosure and chases her down. Surfer Todd Endris is ready to catch a wave when a great white shark knocks him off his board and attacks him."
"Jim Lane is picking blueberries alone in the Blue Ridge Mountains when a rattlesnake strikes. Teacher Rachael Lilienthal is swimming in a Florida river when an alligator bites down on her arm, pulls her underwater and doesn't let go."
"Taxidermist Wilf Lloyd is elk hunting with his son-in-law in the Canadian Rocky Mountains when a grizzly bear charges. Spearfisher Anthony Segrich is miles from shore, diving 180 feet below the surface when a bull shark races at him, jaws wide open."
"A polar bear chases down Erin Greene as she walks home from a Halloween party in a small arctic town. A bull shark attacks triathlete Chuck Anderson in the Gulf of Mexico, biting his arm and pulling him down to the ocean floor."
"Diver Tim Saxon films underwater at the Great Barrier Reef and is struck by an Irukandji jelly fish, one of the most venomous animals on the planet. A mother grizzly bear protecting her cub attacks George Knoll in Canada's remote Great Bear Rainforest."
"A man and his dog are attacked by a bear at his Ontario wilderness home; A man forced to walk six miles to work in the early morning darkness is attacked by coyotes."
Season 2 - I Was Prey
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