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The Royals

The series depicts the lives of a fictional monarchy in modern times where power is everything, limits do not exist, and trust is a luxury this family can’t afford.

Duration:42 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - The Royals
"After the sudden death of their older brother and heir to the throne, Prince Liam and a Princess Eleanor have a hard time with their new roles; Queen Helena tries to maintain the family's image; King Simon questions the monarchy's future."
"Despite the King's reservations, Queen Helena goes ahead with a planned garden party to honor the country's soldiers. Prince Liam's past love clashes with his new affection and Princess Eleanor continues to be the rebel in the family."
"The Queen and Princess Eleanor throw competing fashion shows; Prince Liam narrowly avoids disaster."
"Prince Liam does his first PR tour; Queen Helena forces Princess Eleanor to do a PR tour of London."
"Prince Liam, Princess Eleanor and Queen Helena's romances are a popular topic at a masquerade ball."
"A trip to Monaco helps Prince Liam and Ophelia's relationship blossom."
"The king makes a decision that affects the family; Ophelia's PR tour issues."
"The Royal Family is put on lockdown in a safe room at the palace after an assassination attempt."
"Prince Robert is visited by someone from his past; Prince Liam and Princess Eleanor's demons."
"Each character faces truth in the season finale. You find out what really happened to Prince Robert and by the end of the episode someone else will join him. Ophelia and Liam make a decision regarding their relationship and their future together. The Queen and Prince Cyrus grow distrustful towards each other which grows more evident in this episode. A lot of heartbreaking moments. Throughout the episode a lot of questions are answered as many more door are opened."
Season 2 - The Royals
"After King Simon's death, King Cyrus' new look monarchy is on full display. Prince Liam is set on revenge and receives some unexpected help; Queen Helena maneuvers for power."
"In Prince Liam's quest for vengeance, a secret is revealed that affects the monarchy 's future. Princess Eleanor rekindles an old flame."
"Prince Liam and Princess Eleanor both take trips that don't end as they expected, while at home Queen Helena meets a new rival and King Cyrus receives some bad news."
"King Cyrus takes on Queen Helena, and works to destroy King Simon's legacy. Meanwhile, Princess Eleanor a finds a friend."
"Princess Eleanor's new relationship makes waves in and outside of the palace as King Cyrus uses a public ceremony to solidify his image and Queen Helena learns of betrayal."
"The twins have a birthday party in the palace and things get out of hand. Queen Helena and Prince Liam look to the past for answers about the future."
"The Queen and the Princess bonds. The Prince knows more about the night he passed out. Pryce starts to find out more about who is behind the symbol."
"Relationships are changed forever when The Royals' family history is called into question."
"Uncertainty abounds as questions of the King's killer come to the forefront and the monarchy's structure is challenged."
"Liam finally discovers his father's true killer, with help from Jasper, they must plot their revenge before King Simon's commemorative Cup. Cyrus gets married to the mother of his child."
Season 3 - The Royals
"Discovering Cyrus burned King Simon's body to evade a DNA test, Helena makes it her mission to prove he is not the king. Cyrus goes as far as to shave his head and will only speak to her while in a giant hamster ball so she cannot take a DNA sample and compare it to her children. Liam, shaken by a talk show hosts questions about the King's Cup, seeks solace in an underground fighting ring. He imagines his opponent as Cyrus and takes out his anger, but when he imagines him as Robert he loses his nerve and is knocked out. Robert, we discover, is alive on an island and ..."
"Cyrus goes on a talk show and attacks the monarchy, calling them all fake assholes. Helena amps up her efforts to delegitimize Cyrus before he takes everyone down with him. She recruits Willow, impressed with her #KingLiam campaign, for a job at the palace. Liam and Eleanor attend an Electric Carnival, where Liam meets Willow. Jasper struggles with jealousy as Eleanor flirts with an array of guys at the Carnival, and ends up knocking a few of them out. Liam warns her about the game she's playing, but she's trying to force Jasper into wanting to be exclusive and get ..."
"In a flashback, we see Robert meet Kathryn when he makes a royal appearance at her pub. They begin a relationship, but Robert keeps it a secret because she is not royal and they can never openly be together. Liam is the only one who knows about their relationship. In the present, Liam and Kathryn agree not to feel guilty about their love. Eleanor and Jasper swap love letters through a secret book in the library, but both are self-concious about their writing. Unbeknownst to them, they both ask James Hill to be their scrivener and he writes the letters back and forth. ..."
"Jasper and Eleanor immerse themselves in their relationship while Liam must reappraise his latest tryst; enduring his cancer, King Cyrus' past pays him a visit; the palace arranges a press conference to announce earth shattering news."
"Helena and Robert discuss the problem of Cyrus, she is adamant Cyrus bow to Robert but Robert knows this will not happen. Beck asks Eleanor if she has a boyfriend, her silence answers his question. Jasper sees Beck leaving Eleanor's room on the security monitor. Eleanor tells Jasper that she told Beck she has a boyfriend, puts Jasper at ease. Robert and Kathryn walk and discuss their time apart during Robert's \"death\". Liam tells Jasper about Kathryn's ex, he takes this in and realizes he is talking about Robert. Cyrus gives a television interview, says that Robert ..."
"It's christmas in the castle, but how will the royal family do when all personell has been given the day off? Old and new problems becomes increasingly intense as the family spends more time togerher - and why is Jasper suddenly so cold?"
"The royals prep for a charity weekend where each family member is auctioned off, resulting in surprising pairings. Cyrus plots to keep his crown, Liam and Robert engage in a boxing match."
"Eleanor still has no response from Jasper. Spencer finds Helena's room empty, Helena is having coffee with Jack in Paris. Harper wakes up in her apartment to find Jasper. He tells her he has been looking into her and threatens to expose her if she does not abandon her article on the Eleanor, tells her he has another story for her. Eleanor and Rosie meet with Sebastian for the tiger run and he and Eleanor flirt while they maintain they are not on a date, then ditch Rosie. Spencer questions Helena's trip to Paris and her budding relationship with Jack. Kathryn and ..."
"Eleanor and Queen Helena consider romantic invitations as a Privy Council meets to determine who will reign as the one true King Of England. At great risk and consequences, Jasper reveals to Liam information that presents a new mystery for the monarchy."
"The latest palace scandal takes Liam to unexpected places. A recent loss leaves Helena heartbroken. Jasper makes one last attempt to win Eleanor's love. Robert prepares for the coronation while Cyrus has to cope with losing the crown."
Season 4 - The Royals
"Robert gains popularity during his coronation tour but it may be for naught as Liam and Jasper have information that could end his reign. Eleanor must decide between returning to Jasper or working abroad with Sebastian."
"Cyrus helps Liam gather intel on Robert, while a new contender emerges as Helena and Willow assess possible brides for Robert and Jasper goes rogue at a press conference."
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